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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Smart Maintenance & Tactical Edge _

An ecosystem of Artificial Intelligence powered
tools that enhance tactical performance & drive
smart maintenance for weapon operators in
defense and law enforcement.

WeaponLogic Ecosystem _

The Smart Sensor

Records and stores weapon data in real-time.
It is small, light and can integrate seamlessly with any weapon.

The Reader

Is a data retrieval tool.It presents usage data and analytics reflecting weapon’s operational status.

The Dashboard

Adds a layer weapon usage diagnostics for preemptive and precise inventory management.

Smart Inventory Management
& Data-Driven Maintenance _

• Cost efficient | smart maintenance via usage diagnostics
• Fast Analysis | comprehensive weapon status reports in less than 3 seconds
• User Friendly | simple & intuitive application user interface

Tactical Optimization _

• Operator Performance | upskilling operator’s weapon use via AI driven tools
• Weapon Readiness | increased weapon readiness based on usage analysis
• Force Efficiency | heightened force efficiency through real-time connectivity

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