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General FAQ

Secubit provides a custom set of weapon definitions according to the customer’s requests.

Our Reader comes with a docking stations which is connected via USB to the computer. An easy one click sync through the Dashboard pulls all of the recently scanned data and updates all of the weapon info and statistics.

The Dashboard reports can be exported by PDF, CSV and Excel formats.

Yes. The Dashboard and Reader applications provide the user with a customizable alert interval feature.

The Dashboard is your home base for all info and statistics regarding inventory and weapon status. There are several features that allow the user to sort, update and keep track of maintenance checks, service logs and overall use of the weapon. The Dashboard presents all of this data with an intuitive, easy to use, interface.

Our Smart Counter uses passive RFID communication to transfer collected data to the Reader. A simple scan that takes up to 3 seconds syncs all of the data.

Not at all. Our smart counter device is small and light weight and can integrate seamlessly with any weapon.

Counter can store more than 1 Million shots

WeaponLogic system has been supplied to more than 18 countries around the world.

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