Operational Enhancement

Powered by Artificial Intelligence


WeaponLogic Ecosystem _​

We understand the industry meets various challenges as it
introduces technology into its dynamic operating
environments. Our technology, both from tactical &
maintenance perspectives, will ultimately drive the force to
perform more efficiently and keep it one step ahead
transitioning into the future landscape.

WeaponLogic Smart Sensor _

Utilizes AI to distill information regarding the weapon
and its operational state. The device is small
and can integrate seamlessly with any weapon.

IP 68 rating
Over 1M shot memory
RFID technology – completely passive and secure
Weight: 20gr – seamless to the operator

WeaponLogic Applications _

Present usage data analytics reflecting the 
weapon’s operational status for preemptive
& precise maintenance.

Reader _

Full MIL-STD 810-G
Weight : 249g
Dimensions: 155L X 75.5W X 18.6H mm
5″ outdoor viewable HD screen
Dual mode capacitive touch
Accepts stylus/bare/gloved fingertip input
Rechargeable 4300 mAh Li-Ion battery
NFC communication
USB 3.0 interface with PC

Dashboard _

Compatible with Windows 7 or higher
ERP integration ready

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